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I am a contractor, when I came to Jeannette, I was in constant pain. I felt like the next step was to pick out the color of my wheel chair. After working with her, I am mobile and capable of skiing and playing basketball with my son A.K


OK, Here's the deal.  Jeannette has reconstituted my shoulders, strengthened my core and lifted my spirits for the past 6-7 years.  While I am huffing and puffing through intervals, I can have a fun time talking about a fantasy food we saw on the food channel or in depth look at the newest way to rev my metabolism.  Bottom line: its fun & we get lots done.  BJN






Jan Kasner is my personal trainer and is incredibly skilled. She takes the time to develop a safe program that is custom made to help to improve your strength, flexibility and endurance. As a physician, I am honored to be her client and highly recommend her. E.L



When I first came to AWS, I was coming off a 10 year sting of injuries and surgeries to my shoulders, elbow, wrists and back.  With Jan's help, I find myself free of daily pain and able to do the sports I was prevented from doing over the last decade. I have increased my strength, stamina and flexibility. Plus, I have a great time doing it!.  If you are looking for personalized training with a smile attached to it, you should stop by AWS and see for yourself.  Bob Nesbit



What could be better than a workout with a skilled professional? The bottom line! I used to have regular back problems before I came to Jan - now I don't. End of story. Doug C.      W.F.A.


The strengthening and flexibility I have achieved changed my life completely.  Jan's combination of expertise, personality, and TLC is incomparable.  Add the perfect yoga class at AWS and fitness becomes wellness and fun at the same time.  NK


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