Our Experts all have many years of experience in their chosen area of specialization.


Jeannette T. Goodman, MA MAT

Jeannette is a corrective exercise specialist with more than 20 years of experience in fitness and education. She provides personalized plans and training in therapeutic exercise, holistic fitness, and nutrition counseling. Jeannette specializes in helping people with orthopedic conditions related to illness or injury including back, neck, and shoulder issues. She provides comprehensive evaluation, individualized programs and regular follow up for adults and teenagers who want to achieve their best possible function and overall health.

She is a Level IV Chek Practitioner and a Level III Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Golf Biomechanic, Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor, certified personal trainer, and Red Cross Instructor. She also provides professional seminars and is an adjunct professor at Harper College.




Michelle Dwyer DPT

Michelle (Micky) holds a clinical Doctorate in Physical Therapy and has several years of experience as a clinician and manager for Outpatient Physical Therapy services. Micky has completed extensive training and holds advanced certifications in Vestibular Rehabilitation, Manual Therapy and Sports Medicine Rehabilitation of the injured athlete. Other areas of interest include Prosthetic Rehabilitation and Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) for the treatment of Drop Foot in Neurological patients. Micky believes in using a collaborative and integrative approach specific to each patient to meet their needs and goals.

Micky treats pre and post surgical patients for various Orthopedic conditions. Referrals come from Primary Care Physicians, Neurologist, ENT’s, and Orthopedic Surgeons, Chiropractic and Physical Medicine Rehabilitation Physicians. Micky participates in multiple insurance plans, please call her directly with questions.



Katie Oberlin

Katie taught biology for several years before taking time off to raise four children.  She has been working in Healing Touch and Integrative Medicine since 2003.  In addition to completing her certification in Healing Touch, she has pursued training in Advanced Practice Techniques, Energetic Anatomy and Physiology, Energetic Transformations, and Shamanism.  This energetic approach has transformed the way she views anatomy and physiology, health and healing.

Katie believes in an integrative holistic approach to health care for all ages, with Healing Touch providing an important bridge between conventional and complementary/alternative care.





Marybeth Hughes-Lacy

Marybeth is a skilled massage therapist with many years of experience.













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Fact: Our Practitioners have over 100 years of experience in health and fitness

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